The Florida Guides Association is the largest Association of Licensed and Insured Guides in the country.

Capt. Matt  has been a member of the Florida Guides Association for over 10 years and currently holds the office of Secretary/Treasurer

Very Few Captains have achieved the status of IGFA Captain/Guide.

Capt. Matt Has been an IGFA Captain/Guide for nearly 10 years and can help guide you on your next IGFA certified catch. In 2017 he became a IGFA Tournament Observer.

This is the World's Oldest Tarpon Hunting club located right here where Tarpon Hunting with a Rod and Reels First Began. If you are a Fisherman and want to pursue the mighty "Silver King" then this club is for you.

Capt. Matt Ponzio is a long time member and Past President of this Club.