Building the Explorer

We will publish updates as we go along on the building of the new Explorer.

Bringing it to it’s new home.


Now to strip out all the old furniture, we will not be reusing any of it.


With the furniture gone the beam of this boat really opens up.


With the walls gone it’s time to strip off the carpet and take a look at the plywood underneath.


Now we get a good look at the plywood which has spent the last 22 years underneath the wet carpet, surprisingly it is not in that bad of shape but we will be replacing it so we have a good base for our future fiberglass deck.


There is a temptation to put a tower on this and make it a great sight fishing boat but then it really won’t serve of intended purpose of a nice comfortable Kayak “MotherShip”.


We had to take a break and hide all our boats from Hurricane Irma. The Hurricane put us nearly 2 months behind our schedule.


We are finally back at it, but now we lose the sunlight earlier. We couldn’t find any information about the construction of these boats on the internet so we weren’t sure what we would find. All the stringers and bulkheads are foam filled fiberglass and appear to be in good condition. We will be replacing all the hoses, wires and bilge pumps below the deck, we will also add a raw water washdown that we can also use for our portable live well if we need it.

We have installed a tent to keep the sun and the rain off us during the build. It will also give us someplace to hang the lights off of. And no I can’t stand up straight on the deck with the tent in place.


A little inspiration for us, we seen this at a local boat show, our build will look similar to this when it’s done and the price tag will be a lot lower. The MSRP on this beauty is $115,000